In India Waterproofing is the merely neglected item even though it plays very vital role in protection of entire building envelop. With our International experience we can offer complete solutions to any waterproofing issues during construction stage or post Construction. We use best quality of waterproofing products only to assure the quality and permanent solution. Typical areas of waterproofing: Roof, Toilet, Kitchen, Balcony, swimming pool, retaining wall, water Tanks etc,..

Why waterproofing is important ?

Waterproofing required to protect water ingress into any structure , structure may be residential, Commercial, Industrial etc complete.

What Happens if Waterproofing is not done ?

  • Bad waterproofing creates serious risks to the integrity of the building.
  • Construction projects may suffer structural damage due to poor or insufficient waterproofing of the roof and concrete. Cracks in the foundation or joints exposing to water can lead to more serious structural problems.
  • Structure weakens , life of structure decreases, cost of increases. Threat to occupants

CLENSTACK LLP under the brand name ” Wallseal”Can offer waterproofing services at Construction of any Project and at post Construction during building Life cycle management.


What is Dampness?

Moisture formed on wall due to water ingress from any side of wall

Effect of Dampness on occupants

May causes chronic medical condition as per the medical research and advice

What are the causes for dampness?

Water ingress, Nano cracks inside walls, Fungus Formation in dampness may leads to medical emergency condition to occupants

Correction/how we treat

We strongly believe in root cause treatment, our chemicals applied at root blocks water entry and penetrate into any concrete substance about 2 to 4mm inside forms chemical bonding acts as water repulsion. These treatments can be made for horizontal or vertical walls at any building to eliminate Dampness. For this we are the best in the industry at current Market.

Dampness in buildings

  • Dampness mainly forms due to existence of Nanopores on walls/slabs
  • Water seepages causes dampness, leads to form Fungus
  • Occupant breathing at fungus environment can undergo serious medical conditions
  • Dampness correction can protect building and protect Occupants


We uses best in the industry Materials such as Zydex used in more than 40 countries across globe and Elephant shield Liquid rubber Canadian product, which is worlds No 1 Product.

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